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Welcome to TOT POWER IBERIA, S.L., a newly created, digital, agile and flexible Spanish company, with more than 25 years of experience in the power electronics sector. Throughout this whole path, there is something that we are very clear about: you are the center of our challenge, we hope we can help you achieve what you intend to develop.

In today’s modern world, power electronics plays a critical role in various industries. Our products are used in a variety of industries, such as renewable energy, electric traction, energy storage, and industrial systems. Power electronics are essential for the efficient conversion, control and distribution of electrical energy. At our company, we pride ourselves on being a provider of reliable and advanced power electronics solutions.

We offer a wide range of power electronics products designed to meet the most demanding demands of our customers.

This includes among others:

  • Power semiconductors
  • Power Stacks with all necessary accessories
  • Gate Drivers for Thyristors and IGBTs
  • Power resistors
  • Heatsinks, ventilation systems and temperature control
  • High speed fuses for semiconductor protection
  • Power capacitors


We have a global partnership network, both with manufacturers and distributors, of recognized prestige, to help and advise our customers in the choice and application of our products.

We are firmly determined to remain at the forefront of power electronics technology, supplying increasingly efficient, reliable and sustainable solutions.

The market is constantly evolving, the challenges and opportunities of the future await us.


At TOT POWER IBERIA, S.L., our mission is to become a benchmark in the market for electronic components supplying, providing efficient and reliable solutions to our customers. We strive to offer exceptional service, guaranteeing the quality of our products and the total satisfaction of our customers. We work with integrity, transparency and commitment to be the preferred partner in the electronic components industry.


Our vision is to be recognized as an important part of the market in the purchase and sale of electronic components, driven by excellence in service and efficient management. We aspire to expand our presence globally, establishing strategic alliances with key suppliers and customers. We are constantly looking for growth and diversification opportunities to offer complete solutions adapted to the changing needs of the electronics industry.


Excellence: We strive for excellence in everything we do, from the quality of our products to customer service. We seek to exceed expectations and provide solutions of the highest quality.
Integrity: We act with honesty, ethics and transparency in all our internal and external interactions. We keep our promises and are committed to upholding high standards of business conduct.
Customer Orientation: We place the customer at the center of our operations and strive to understand and satisfy their needs. We seek to establish long-term relationships based on trust, collaboration and mutual benefit.
Innovation: We promote continuous innovation in our processes, products and services. We are open to change and we quickly adapt to new technologies and market trends to offer cutting-edge solutions.
Collaboration: We foster a collaborative and respectful work environment, where each team member is valued and their ideas are listened to. We believe in the power of working together to achieve our common goals.

These are the fundamental pillars that guide our company and propel us towards success. At TOT POWER IBERIA, S.L., we are committed to maintaining and promoting these values in all our actions and decisions, always seeking the satisfaction of our customers and the sustainable growth of our business.

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